33rd ICGHS Program

Genealogical and Heraldic Program 

1) The 33 rd International Congress in Arras : 

. First day : The Congress will begin on Tuesday,  October 2nd, 2018 p.m.

Location : Arras City Hall (Place des Héros)

. 2nd and 3rd day : Wednesday October 3rd & Thursday October 4th 2018

2) Lectures : 

Location : Arras City Hall (Place des Héros) and Hôtel de Guînes, Arras (rue des Jongleurs)

From Tuesday  October 2nd , (14:00) to Thursday October 4th , (17:00)

The Scientific Committee selected on January 15th 56 proposals for papers

3) Theme of the 33rd Congress : « Genealogy and Heraldry, between war and peace » 

Lecturers’ Perspectives : 

. heraldic glorification of warlike values and exploits ;

. arms expressing rejection of violence and promoting peace values ;

. interactions between heraldry and other military symbolic systems (vexillology, insignia, uniforms…) ;

. the use of heraldry in discourses celebrating war or victory, honoring soldiers & victims or calling for peace ;

. public and private archives : destruction or transport, protection and restoration, safekeeping or reconstitution ;

. genealogy of soldiers, military dynasties and transmission of war memory ;

. victims of war, civilian or military : from burial to inventory, from sculpted memory to digital memory ;

. war refugees  and migrations related to new borders.

4) Meetings : 

... A reception will take place at City Hall on Tuesday October 2nd (18:00) – for Congress participants ; closure of the congress at City Hall on Thursday October 4th

... AIH and AIG meetings (Board meeting and General Assembly, for members) will take place on Wednesday October 3rd, after the lectures

Location : Hôtel de Guînes

... Banquet

It will take place in the Hôtel de l’Univers, on Thursday October 4th (19:30).

5) Special day at the National Archives (Paris) : 

. (optional) guided tour of the National Archives in Paris, with the Centre de sigillographie et d’héraldique (transport to Arras by special bus)

. when ? : Monday October 1st p.m.

FFG, SFHS and the National Archives will organize a special tour in Paris for the 2018’congress : guided tour of the National Archives (heraldic department), before the Congress in Arras.

Depending on their country of origin, the delegates (registered for the day) will arrive in Paris on Monday morning.  They will be picked up at the airport by a bus *** and driven to the Hôtel de Soubise, historic site of France’s National Archives.  Following the tour, the special bus will drive the delegates to Arras (Paris-Arras, 175 km).

*** Transfers are a proposal from a travel agency (Havas Voyages). Contact : lille@havasvoyages.fr

6) Cultural tour : 

. (optional) cultural visits in Arras and its area

. when ? : Friday October 5th  

This tour is a proposal from a travel planer (Havas Voyages). Contact : lille@havasvoyages.fr

7) Tour in Champagne : 

. (optional) : historic and gastronomic tour in Reims, in Champagne

. when ? : Saturday October 6th

This tour is a proposal from a travel planer (Havas Voyages). Contact : lille@havasvoyages.fr

8) Other tours : 

 See « 33rd Congress… VISITS AND TRANSFERS » Contact : lille@havasvoyages.fr

9) Hotels : 

 See « 33rd Congress… AIR AND HOTELS » Contact : lille@havasvoyages.fr

10) Registrations at the Congress :

Pre-registration is opened (March 15th 2018).

File to download 33 cigh arras progr ge ne alogique et he raldique fr ang33 cigh arras progr ge ne alogique et he raldique fr ang (1.85 Mo)


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