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This new exhibition will be held in the framework of the partnership between the Hauts-de-France Region, the town of Arras and the Palace of Versailles, and will retrace the history of Napoleon from General Bonaparte to a fallen emperor. Around 100 iconic works from the collections of the Palace of Versailles (paintings, sculptures, furniture) will illustrate key political events and major bailles of the First French Empire. The exhibition will also throw the spotlight on the Emperor's close circle and the Parisian and international societies of the time (artists, scholars, sovereigns etc.). Lastly, it will show how, from very early on, Napoleon wanted to write his own legend for posterity by commissioning multiple paintings commemorating key moments in his lite.


Napoleon is not automatically associated with the Palace of Versailles, but he had dreamed of moving there from the very beginning of the First French Empire. For his wedding to Marie-Louise, the Grand Trianon was fully refurbished and refurnished and the Emperor went there regularly to work. In 1836, when Louis-Philippe decided to create the historic galleries in the Palace to recount the history of France from the time of Clovis, a large proportion was dedicated to Napoleon. Major works commissioned by the Emperor were taken from the reserves in the Louvre and brought to Versailles. The series constituted the world's first collection dedicated to Napoleon.


These masterpieces, usually dispersed throughout the Palace of Versailles and in many cases little known to the public, will be brought together for the first time in the Arras Museum of Fine Arts. A private tour will take place during the congress, after the closure of the museum (price : 25 euros). 

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